Install superset for Ubuntu[Docker]

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superset install GUIDE

>>>sudo docker search superset
NAME                                   DESCRIPTION                                     STARS     OFFICIAL   AUTOMATED
amancevice/superset                    Superset on Debian+Python3                      276                  [OK]
apache/superset                        Apache Superset                                 154                  
preset/superset                        Apache Superset (incubating) is a modern, en…   29                   
tylerfowler/superset                   An extendable Docker image for Apache's Supe…   18                   
maedamikio/superset                                                                    3                    
tyyzqmf/superset                       根据amancevice/superset修改的镜像 主要解决su…              2                    [OK]
starburstdata/superset                 Apache Superset docker container                1                    [OK]
yagami15145/superset-nginx                                                             1                    
riowibowo/superset                                                                     0                    
burtdatacloud/superset-mysql           Superset MySQL                                  0                    
noahhub/superset                                                                       0                    
nguyenpvdtu/superset                                                                   0                    
superset/golang-alpine-git                                                             0                    
sociela/superset                                                                       0                    
lrosenman/superset                     superset                                        0                    
mithoopolly/superset-apiserver-dev-1                                                   0                    
yagami15145/superset-apiserver-test                                                    0                    
yagami15145/superset-postgres-test                                                     0                    
superseteye/ferrarisg                                                                  0                    
circleci/superset-circleci             This image is for internal use                  0                    
nis365/superset                        This docker image is built from amancevice/s…   0                    
alexandrecorradin/superset                                                             0                    
onaio/superset                                                                         0                    
mithoopolly/superset-nginx                                                             0                    
itayneeman/superset                                                                    0           

# chooice one 【NAME】
>>>sudo docker pull apache/superset
>>>ssudo mkdir /opt/superset
>>>sudo docker run --name my_superset -d -p 8088:8088 -v /opt/superset:/home/superset apache/superset
will return contain ID
>>>sudo docker ps -a
will see the superset server raise success.
>>>sudo docker exec -it my_superset /bin/bash
will enter to superset enviroment
>>>superset db upgrade  # start from here setup the superset, you can refrence superset web page step by step to initial superset.
>>>superset init
>>>export FLASK_APP=superset
>>>flask fab create-admin
setup your admin account
>>>superset load_examples

# All Done, You can see the page on port what you set.

good luck