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Breakthrough Anxiety

When you anxie something you don't have to blame to all something that didn't hit mark befor.

See the communication who the be called successed people.A top university grad in china. They disscussing when she is a hight school student. She think the expresses is important to she. When some thing she need the education license occasion she can very confident to face the it. But when she back to thought this things she might the education license is not important anymore. Like people might be want to buy some luxury when he not rich, have no ability to support the require to prove heself. But when you archive the goal, but when you be rich, you have ability to support your require, you might change the mind that to buy some luxury to prove yourself. Because you had the ability you don't need to prove yourself by that way. We can see peoplo usually think himself's ability not enough blame to he have no enought education. But she can't becouse she have enought education. The education bring she to bad side to she too. Like she to focus on result to ignore the progress. She's life is too planded. And she will can't under more pressure. Becouse she is too great.

The top education maybe bring you a mind: You can't make wrong thing blame to you have no get more education.

Maybe you will be regret currently but you don't know what will happen after 5 years or 10 years. So mayby we will anxiety currently. We can use the future mind to see the currently anxiety. We can have the great life same as others.

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