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Excel Tips

Excel Tips 日期转文本,或者文本转日期,设置完单元格格式之后需要分裂一次,空分裂即可。否则会转换不成功。 若是想要指定一些区域统一加减,可以复制一下想要减去的数,如10,然后再选中需要运算的区域,选择性粘贴,选择运算就可以实现批量区域性的运算了。

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Some Machine Learning Note

Summarylinear_modellinear reggression model for predict data or fit some model.(多元)线性回归用于拟合数据,预测数据。logistic regression model for identification to cla

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Python tips

>>>a = '1'>>>print(a)1>>>b = '1'.zfill(2*4)>>>print(b)00000001

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generate gif file from static image

import imageio, os, sysdef png_gif(path): png_lst = os.listdir(path) frames = [] for i in png_lst: frames.append(imageio.imread(path +

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pytorch 1

let's use torch to create first neural network: according we input data to trainning model by itself.import torchfrom torch.nn import functionalfrom m

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